Tarkanfi Sustainable Development

Tarkanfi Sustainable Development
- Ethiopia -


Breaking the cycle of poverty by educationg this generation 

and the next

Tarkanfi Sustainable Development

Partnering with Marginalized Communities


Tarkanfi Sustainable Development (TSD) 

is a licensed, indigenous Ethiopian charity.

TSD partners with marginalized communities to improve

 the quality of life  for all. 

TSD uses an Asset-Based approach that honors and mobilizes local skills, talents,

and resources . . . which means that

Individuals and the Community Invest in their own Development.

Our Logo symbolizes our 4-pronged approach to Sustainable Change


BOOK: Education/Personal Development

GOAT: Economic Development

WATER: Community Projects

LEAVES:  Land Stewardship

"Tarkanfi" means "Start Walking"


We walk with community groups as they practice taking one step at a time to bring about changes that they never dreamed possible -- safe water, increased family income, education for their children, skills training, ...


  1. Start where you are
  2. Use what you have
  3. Learn what you need
  4. TARKANFI! -- Start walking!